ServusConnect - Simple Work Order Software for Mobile and Desktops

Community Management Teams spend 50%-60% of their time managing resident service requests,  performing routine maintenance, and guiding turn/renovation projects. This work is completed manually and the communication between parties is divided between email, phone, text, voice-mail, fax & in-person.


ServusConnect can help.

We change your manual paper process into an electronic and mobile snapshot of all work order requests and status updates.

ServusConnect is designed to work with your maintenance teams and your trusted vendor community to efficiently manage all service workloads. We also provide a simple integration with your existing property management software.

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ServusConnect allows your business to run more efficiently and makes your life easier

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Easy-to-use interfaces and cloud technology mean ServusConnect can be deployed at a site in as little as one day 


Open APIs mean ServusConnect easily integrates on top of your existing technology or as a standalone system

 ServusConnect - Simple Work Order Software for Community Managers

Community Managers:

Improve Resident Satisfaction through excellent customer service.

Work orders are the way you interact with your residents the most. Servus creates fast, efficient and streamlined service experiences for your residents by eliminating paper- allowing work to be completed faster. 

The ServusConnect Platform is designed to turn these resident experiences into positive social posts on review sites that increase your ratings and attract more traffic to your community!

Maintenance Teams & Vendors:

Tired of running back to the office to pick up work orders and chasing down vendors onsite or via phone, email or text? What about waiting to get an answer from a customer about a repair?

ServusConnect makes it easy to collaborate with both staff & vendors in real-time, from one place on your mobile device. This allows you to move through your work faster, saves time and helps you have a better handle of what's going on.

 ServusConnect - Simple Work Order Software for Maintenance Teams & Vendors
  ServusConnect - Simple Work Order Software for Asset Owners & Managers

Owners & Asset Managers:

Happy Residents are the key to your portfolio's success and your communities' on-site maintenance teams & vendors factor greatly into achieving this.

But, manual service processes make it hard to measure and assess how efficient and/or effective your site teams are and how this impacts Resident perception.

ServusConnect provides custom reporting of key Maintenance Performance Indicator's (MPI's) to help you better assess performance of your maintenance teams and their impact on Resident Delight.