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Top 10 Multifamily Apartment Maintenance Blog Posts of 2018

Dec 31, 2018 10:51:32 AM / by Jamie Wohlschlegel

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It's been an amazing year at ServusConnect - a year in which we've been blessed with growth on all fronts - something we're super thankful for!


One of our major goals for 2018 was to produce more relevant content specific to maintenance operations; specifically, how apartment operators can leverage mobile & web technology to further optimize their multifamily apartment maintenance teams and enhance resident-experience.


Based on the positive response and growth from our subscriber-base, there is a great interest in this type of content and a strong desire to figure out how to remove the technology-blackout on maintenance operations!


Thank you for your support and we look forward to producing more of this type of relevant content in 2019!


On that note, for our last blog post of the year, here is a recap of our Top-10 Blogs of 2018:


#10 - Is the Technology Interface the Next Amenity In Multifamily?


#9 - 3 Reasons Why Real-Time Maintenance is Mission Critical


#8 - Think your multifamily maintenance staff can't learn tech? Think again


#7 - 4 Ways To Use Maintenance Data During Multifamily Budget Season


#6 - 5 Reasons for Better Apartment Repair Documentation


#5 - Considering Smart-Home Tech In Your Multifamily Apartments? Read This First...


#4 - 5 Apps Multifamily Property Teams Need for Emergency Events


#3 - The Smartphone Dilemma in Multifamily Apartment Operations


#2 - 4 Reasons to Apply Technology to Apartment Maintenance


#1 - 8 Must-Have Apps for Multifamily Maintenance Technicians

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Jamie Wohlschlegel

Written by Jamie Wohlschlegel