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Foundations of the New Operational Standard in Multifamily Maintenance

Aug 3, 2020 5:15:19 PM / by Griffin Decker posted in multifamily, apartment, residents, covid-19, touchless


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Soooo, just being honest here - the original title of this post was "Foundations of the New Normal in Multifamily Maintenance".

It just didn't feel right and though accurately descriptive, the term "new normal" is, well, an over-used and somewhat nauseating phrase at this point. It shares similar status to "unprecedented", "trying", and let's not forget our favorite: "uncertain" times.

That said, the team here at ServusConnect is going to work really hard to try and not use any of these (or the other Pandemic Words People Hate) moving forward. You are welcome.  :-)


Let's Use "New Operational Standards" Instead

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Now is the Time for a Touch-Less Resident Experience. Here's Why...

Jul 22, 2020 2:54:17 PM / by Jamie Wohlschlegel posted in residents, covid-19, touchless


Who hasn’t walked into a grocery store and felt icky about punching in your shopper’s club card at the checkout pin-pad, or maybe you've made a practice of using your knuckles to enter your PIN number at the gas pump. How about the liberal application of hand sanitizer not only on your hands, but also your keys, credit card, door handles, steering wheel, radio volume, and shifter knob every time you get into the car?! You are not alone… :-)

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