In October 2015, our CEO, Jamie Wohlschlegel, had the opportunity to pitch SERVUS at a VergeHQ event. The pitch was recently reviewed by VergeHQ CEO Matt Hunckler and picked up by

As is the case with early stage technology startups, we are constantly learning and updating our software to align with the needs of our market. In the 10+ months since the pitch, we have made many enhancements to the software and our target market.  Here are some updates:

After beta-user learnings through the end of 2015, we decided to focus marketing efforts on the multi-family market in two main areas – maintenance work orders & service requests handled by onsite staff and outside vendor service management.

Even today, 90% of all multi-family communities still employ paper-based work orders to distribute jobs to external vendors and on-site staff.  SERVUS provides the flexibility to integrate with in-house Property Management Software (Yardi, RealPage, MRI, RentManager, appfolio, etc.) to automate manual work orders, speeding up service cycles by 30% while providing much needed documentation that is rarely captured today.

This has allowed us to further focus SERVUS to address specific challenges to multi-family operators. One of these challenges is maintaining positive online reputation ratings. Roughly 75% of all bad online reviews at sites like Yelp, Google+, and, etc. are the result of poor maintenance experiences.

SERVUS is taking an innovative approach to address this challenge through an automated Resident notification and response service. Residents with positive service experiences are encouraged to rate / post a review, while poor experiences are immediately referred to the property management team so issues can be addressed before boiling over onto online forums.

One of the important things that differentiates SERVUS from its competition is that it is just as beneficial to the vendor as it is to the property manager.  Most other software is written specifically for one segment of the market over the other, and is too complicated for both segments to use collectively. It’s our priority to provide a mutually beneficial service coordination software that is easy for everyone to use.

To learn more about all that SERVUS offers, email us at or call 844-473-7887.