Tired of searching your email inbox for work order status updates?


Maintenance and fast turnaround of your property’s rental units are essential for keeping your tenants & owners happy, but how much of the day can you afford to spend making sure that work is completed, looking for invoices, or researching disputed charges?

A report by McKinsey estimates the average employee spends 28% of the work week just reading and responding to email. 

How much time would you save if all the coordination and follow-up communication associated with work orders and turns on your property's rental units was in one place? In that same report, McKinsey found that companies who use non-email driven social apps to communicate and collaborate, were able to

reduce the time that employees spent searching for information by as much as 35%.

Imagine one place for you, your on-site maintenance team and your outside vendors (service providers) to send & receive work orders, service requests/recommendations, status updates on unit turns & notifications of completed jobs.

This place already exists. We call it SERVUS.

SERVUS simplifies the Service & Vendor Management part of your job so you can get back to your tenants & owners.

The chat feature within SERVUS captures and organizes your communication with vendors regarding each work order.  SERVUS chat makes it easy to collaborate back & forth on projects. SERVUS saves all the communication and invoices related to each job so recalling information is a snap!

Marcus Wohlsen, in an article for Wired, indicates that when employees use a social (collaboration) app specifically for work:

“We’re more likely to see the messages that we want to see, and we’re more likely to respond, all in less time than it takes to sift through the email muddle.”

Free up time in your work day and clear out your overloaded email inbox by scheduling a demo with SERVUS today.