What does ServusConnect do?

...and how does it improve resident service experiences and operational efficiency

Paperless (Mobile) Work Orders

Work orders are the way you interact with your residents the most. ServusConnect creates fast, efficient, streamlined service experiences for your residents. Work orders are routed directly to the smartphone of your maintenance team members (or vendors), eliminating paper and time-wasting trips to the office.

Automated Resident Notifications & Surveys

Communicating with residents on the status and satisfaction of their repairs consumes a lot of time for office staff. ServusConnect smartly automates notifications and surveys utilizing text messaging - it even escalates negative feedback to office staff so issues can be addressed immediately! 

English-Spanish Language Support & Translation

Web portal and native Android app provide Spanish menus. In addition, ServusConnect can actively translate communications (English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English) between office staff and field service technicians in real-time.
ServusConnect is a must for any apartment manager who wants to increase maintenance team productivity and benefit from greater visibility into what is actually happening onsite.

Michael Kendall Apartment Special Projects Dir

ServusConnect | Maintenance Automation for Multifamily Apartments
It has been very easy to use since day one. Our maintenance technicians picked it up way faster than we expected.

Barbie Cope Onsite Service Coordinator

Simply Better Repair Documentation

Manual data entry is the downfall of good documentation. ServusConnect makes it super-simple for maintenance team members to document their work. Notes, photos & videos are auto time-stamped and saved to the Cloud for safekeeping and future reference.

Live Dashboards and Automated Reporting

Are teams running behind? Are residents satisfied with your service? Real time online dashboards, along with automated weekly and monthly reporting, provide managers with valuable insights into maintenance operations.

Streamline Vendor Engagement

Vendors are essential components in your overall maintenance strategy, especially the make-ready process. ServusConnect makes it easy to initiate requests, stay on top of projects, and collect invoices faster than ever before.

Modern Connectivity

ServusConnect is built on modern and robust architecture, allowing API connectivity to Property Management platforms and other 3rd party automation tools. In other words, "the sky is the limit"!

ServusConnect has quickly become an indispensable part of our property maintenance operations across our 18,000 units portfolio.

Kelly Walker Regional Manager